NGC 6946 The Fireworks Galaxy
1300 x 800
Object Description:
NGC 6946 Spiral Galaxy Type ScD. Distance ~10 Mio. Light Years. Mag. 8.8. Visible Diameter 11.2' / 9.8'. Between  the Constellation Cepheus and Cygnus.
NASA APOD 2008   NASA APOD 2005   NASA APOD 2004
NGC6946  (Wikipedia EN)   NGC6946 (Wikipedia DE)   NGC6946 (Robert Gendler)
Technical Details:
Optics:                       10" f/10 Meade ARC 2500mm.
Mount:                       Vixen Atlux
Camera:                     SBIG ST10XME / AO8
Filters:                        LRGB.
Dates/Times:              2009-08-15
Location:                    Hohenroth Germany
Exposure:                   7 hours

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